Struggles of what to send?

We’ve all faced this challenge - a friend or family member is navigating through a tough time, be it due to disappointments, challenging days, health issues, or even the loss of a loved one. We yearn to support them, but often struggle with what to gift to cheer them up. How can we alleviate their burden or bring a ray of sunshine into their day during these times of hardship? It’s not uncommon to feel somewhat powerless in these situations.
Deciding on the right course of action, the right words to say, or the right gift to give isn’t always straightforward. Often, the most we can do is ensure our loved ones know we’re thinking of them and that we’re there to support them. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you’re unsure of what to offer.

Timing Isn’t Everything

While some gifts are tied to specific occasions, expressing your care and concern isn’t bound by time. A simple message of “you’re in my thoughts” can be conveyed at any moment. Be aware of the turmoil your loved one might be experiencing, but remember, your goal is to establish a connection, which is timeless.
For instance, at Dazzle Basket, a Calgary local gift shop, we often encounter guests who feel guilty for not sending a gift immediately following a funeral. However, we’ve observed the profound effect of sending a gift later. When all other tokens of sympathy have been received and acknowledged, your expression of love arrives, serving as a reminder that they are not forgotten.

Size Doesn’t Matter

A common pitfall in gift-giving is the tendency to go overboard. When someone is dealing with stress or grief, an extravagant gift may not be appropriate. Relationships aren’t defined by the gifts we give, so concentrate on the individual and the message you want to convey. Show your respect with gifts that resonate with the recipient and their circumstances. If you’re inclined to spend a certain amount, consider dividing your budget into two gifts, creating two points of contact. This strategy leads us to the next point.

The Thought is What Counts

The old adage of Henry Van Dyke, “it’s the thought that counts,” holds true. Remember, the primary purpose of your gift is to show that you care and to connect with those who are foremost in your thoughts. Don’t get overwhelmed by the myriad of options or potential outcomes. While it’s important to respect the recipient’s preferences and their current situation, remember that your actions are fundamentally about saying, “I care.”
Witnessing the pain of our loved ones is difficult. All we can do is be present and let them know they’re not alone. We also support our clients by offering discount coupons such as the one on
If you need assistance in expressing your feelings or saying “I’m thinking of you,” we’re here to help you nurture your relationships and convey your sentiments. Visit for more information on gift baskets Calgary and find the perfect gift for your loved ones.


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