About Us

We started as a Calgary based marketing company three years ago importing marketing and gift products from Asia, North America & Europe for our Canadian clients. Dazzle imported a diverse range of goods including clothing, marketing material and corporate gift items. 

During our interactions with customers, we realized that while there were multiple options for corporate & retail gifts in Eastern Canada, there were only a handful of suppliers in Alberta despite strong demand for such products. It was from these discussions that the idea of gift basket business in Alberta was conceived.

We wanted to offer premium global brands to our customers. We spent months in identifying and vetting products of various local and global companies. We carefully chose the best brands for our customers that offer a truly amazing quality and experience. Presently, our baskets comprise of products from leading brands from over a dozen countries including New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA and Canada. We also understand the importance of sourcing from local suppliers in Alberta considering the prevailing economic conditions. For this reason, we have added multiple suppliers from Alberta to our list.

It is our commitment to always deliver a basket that is filled with products that will thrill you!