Plush Toys: A beautiful "You are My Sunshine" plush toy from Dazzle Basket. A perfect gift for every occasion.

You Are My Sunshine

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This cloud-shaped companion, with its sparkling blue eyes and rosy pink cheeks, is designed to bring joy and warmth into your life. The attached radiant yellow sun, proudly displaying the words “You are my Sunshine,” makes this plush toy an ideal expression of affection. It is a great gift for every occasion, be it a birthday, Valentine Day or an anniversary. This plush toy is a perfect gift that will remind your loved ones of the joy they bring into your life with every glance, touch, and embrace. 

Product Dimensions: 30.48 x 26.67 x 8.89 cm (approx. 14")

Packaging & Delivery:

  • Plushies are either accommodated in the basket (if space is available) or wrapped in cellophane (with curling ribbons) and delivered along with your gift basket
  • Cost of packaging and delivery (if delivered separate from the gift basket) are included in the price
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