Plush toy from Dazzle Basket- This 10" Toad plush toy is a birthday gift with words "Have a Toad-Ally awesome birthday" written on it.

Toad-Ally Awesome Bday

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Our “Toad-Ally Awesome Birthday” plush toy isa delightful and cuddly companion that promises to bring joy and warmth into the lives of those who hold it close. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this charming toad boasts a vibrant green hue, embodying the lushness of a serene pond or an enchanting forest. Gift your loved ones an embrace filled with love; gift them our “Toad-Ally Awesome Birthday” plush toy.

Product Size: 10"

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  • Plushies are either accommodated in the basket (if space is available) or wrapped in cellophane (with curling ribbons) and delivered along with your gift basket
  • Cost of packaging and delivery (if delivered separate from the gift basket) are included in the price
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