Plush toy from Dazzle Basket- This 9.5" bag of popcorn plush toy. A perfect Calgary birthday gift with words "Hope your birthday is Pop'n" written on it.

Hope you Birthday is Pop'n

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Introducing our delightful 9.5" plush toy, meticulously crafted to resemble a bag of popcorn, an ideal gift that promises to make any birthday celebration pop! The vibrant yellow kernels, made from the softest materials, seem ready to burst with fun and excitement. Embroidered with the cheerful message “Hope your birthday is popping,” this plush toy is a reminder of the simple yet profound pleasure of a bag of popcorn shared among friends or family during memorable moments. 

Product Size: 9.5"

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  • Plushies are either accommodated in the basket (if space is available) or wrapped in cellophane (with curling ribbons) and delivered along with your gift basket
  • Cost of packaging and delivery (if delivered separate from the gift basket) are included in the price
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