Plush toy from Dazzle Basket- This 12" Bear plush toy is a Calgary Get Well gift with words "Get Well" written on it.

Get Well Bear

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Our “Get Well” teddy bear, is a 12" bundle of comfort and care. Holding an ice bag to its head, it symbolizes empathy and care for those who aren’t feeling their best. The words “Get Well” are elegantly embroidered on it, making this bear a gentle reminder of recovery and wellness. It’s an ideal gift for loved ones who are under the weather or recovering from an ailment.

Product Size: 12"

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  • Plushies are either accommodated in the basket (if space is available) or wrapped in cellophane (with curling ribbons) and delivered along with your gift basket
  • Cost of packaging and delivery (if delivered separate from the gift basket) are included in the price
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